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Jerry's Work History

Complex Construction Projects

From North America to South America, Europe, and the Middle East Jerry has worked around the world contributing to a number of project's successful completion.

By contributing to the client's objectives, working in multicultural environments with amazing people and professionals Jerry has gained valuable expertise in many unique areas of a project.  

Pessah & Associates Arrows
Cerro Verde Project Expansion Phase I
Vale Nickel Processing Plant
KIPIC - Al Zour Refinery Expansion Project
Repsol C10 Cartagena Refinery Expansion
Cerro Verde Production Unit Expansion
KNPC Clean Fuels Project Refinery Expansion

Positive Vibes

Testimonials from happy co-workers, employers and clients

Pessah & Associates Arrows

“Jerry has a very analytical mind capable to see and evaluate situations from different angles and deep in details.” 

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