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Consulting Services

Offering a Range of Customized and Tailored Services including...

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Claims Management
Plan Preparation

  • Claims prevention,

  • Management, and

  • Mitigations.

Office Desk
Claims Mgmt
Investment Chart

Claim Management

  • Contract Flowdowns,

  • Flowchart Diagrams, and

  • RACI Charts.

Process Development

Complex Requests for
Extension of Time

Evaluation of Entitlements:

  • Contractual

  • Technical

  • Commerical 

The Time
Extension of Time

Support for Dispute

Liaison with Law Firms.

Dispute Resolution

Cold Eyes

Summaries and recommendations of requests for compensations and claims.

Accountant Records
Cold Eye Reviews
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Miracles occur at the Microscopic Level! 
That's why deep analysis and details are extremely important in every assessment and evaluation we complete.

Getting Ready for Claims Management

Pessah & Associates Arrows

We can help conceptualize, develop and implement corporate Claims Management programs and training courses for you!

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